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Creating this blog ,i did not think,that would be so interesting.For me it is some new.Because i have never done it earlier.Firstly,you can write your opinion and other people can see it and assess.May be you meet peole with a similar opinion.Secondly,many people write different words and you can  enlarge vocabulary .Moreover.i read fantastic book.That teach us to appreciate our life.Also,i knew what it means to be "African-American.And i want to read more and more ,but unfortunately we have not a long time for it .

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majority opinion!!!

The book is flawless and was found to be the best work of American fiction of the past 25 years by a New York Times survey of writers and literary critics.



"A rich....mythical novel...a triumph!St.Petersburg Times"

"Shatteringly eloquent-.-Booklist"

"A book worth many rereadings.-Glamour"

"Written with a force rarely seen in contemporary fiction...One feels deep admiration-USA Today"

"Heart-wrenching....mesmerizing!-Atlantal Journal"
(When i read this opinion,i understood that it will be  unique book!)

The plot of the first several chapters!

"I wiil call them my people,
which were not my people:
and her beloved,
which was not beloved."
"124 was spiteful"Full of a baby s venom.The women in the house and her children knew it.The house belongs to Sethe who had run away from the place of her enslavement, "Sweet Home,"The grandmother ,Baby Suggs was dead and the sons Howard and Buglar had run away by the time they were thirteen years old.The house is spiteful because it is haunted by the spirit of Sethe's one-year-old baby, who died 18 years ago.Sethe killed her because she did not want that your baby was  slave.She called her spirit "Beloved".After a few months them visited Paul D, the "last of the Sweet Home men."Sethe very glad to saw him.And she began to related that happened with her."I can't live here," she pronounces, crying."I don't know where to go or what to do,nobody speaks to us."What did happen then ?Did stay Paul D.with Sethe or not?

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1.spiteful ['spaɪtf(ə)l]-злобный,злой,язвительный
He's the spitefullest of talkers in our town.
Together they waged a perfunctory battle.
3.engraver [ɪn'greɪvə]-гравер
the engraver's son
4.rafter ['rɑːftə]-стропило
its rafters
5.evil ['iːv(ə)l]-зло,вред,ущерб.
house into evil.
6.sycamore ['sɪkəmɔː]-платан(дерево)
the sycamores beat out the children every time.
7.carelessness ['keələsnəs]-нерадивость,халатность,беспечность.

Gross carelessness

8.chamomile ['kæməmaɪl]-ромашка

When the last of the chamomile was gone

9.teaspoon ['tiːspuːn]-чайная ложка
Tasting a teaspoon.
10.peach stone ['piːʧˌstəun]-хлоритовый сланец(полезное ископаемое)
Peachstone skin.
11churn [ʧɜːn] -маслобойка(перемешивать,трясти)
except for the churn
12.whisperer ['(h)wɪsp(ə)rə]-сплетник
He whispered.
13.surface ['sɜːfɪs]-вид,внешность.
his brother to pay off the debts that surfaced the minute.
14.ahead [ə'hed]-будущий,грядущий.
years ahead
15.awhile [ə'waɪl]-недолго,некоторое время
Wait awhile
16.alert [ə'lɜːt]-тревога
Alert doll
17.queenly ['kwiːnlɪ]-царственный
queenle woman Denver
Tuck in your shirt.
19.deprivation [ˌdeprɪ'veɪʃ(ə)n]-потеря,убыток
Her deprivation had been not having any dreams of her own at all.
20.cabin ['kæbɪn]-нищий дом
Arrived at her cabin .
21.petticoat ['petɪkəut]-детская юбочка
Nor herself time to take off her petticoat.
22.brine [braɪn] -рассол,морская вода 
the brine in the barrel
23.honeysuckle ['hʌnɪˌsʌkl]-жимолость
Hidden behind honeysuckle
24.foolishness ['fuːlɪʃnəs] -безрассудство ,глупость
His foolishness made him smile.
25.tenderness ['tendənəs]-мягкость
Was a gesture of tenderness
26.swollen ['swəulən] -вздутый,опухший.
How they were so swollen she could not see her arch.
27.handkerchief ['hæŋkəʧiːf]-носовой платок 
Talked soft and spit in handkerchiefs.
28.extinguish [ɪk'stɪŋgwɪʃ]-тушить,гасить
But did nothing to extinguish the eagerness of the coloredpeople.
29.assumption [ə'sʌmpʃ(ə)n]-вступление в должность
the assumption of a new position
30.reluctant [rɪ'lʌkt(ə)nt]-неохотный,вынужденный.
She was relucant to enter.
31.shadow ['ʃædəu]-тень,полумрак
He didn't want to cast a shadow on their happiness
32.abandoned [ə'bændənd]-заброшенный 
abandoned property

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                                       Toni Morrison


Beloved is a novel by the American writer Toni Morrison, published in 1987. Set during 1873 after the American Civil War  (1861–1865), it is inspired by the story of an African-American slave , Margaret Garner, who temporarily escaped slavery during 1856 in Kentucky by fleeing to Ohio, a free state. A posse arrived to retrieve her and her children under the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which gave slave owners the right to pursue slaves across state borders. Margaret killed her two-year-old daughter rather than allow her to be recaptured.
 I recommand this book for anyone with human emotion.I think when you read this book you will be shocked.It is a beautiful prose.The prose is very lyrical and dream-like as sends the reader in and out of the past.As a book about slavery and life after slavery.The novel is not concerned with what it means to be "African-American" so much as it is concerned with what does it mean to be human and about dream to be freedom.What does it mean to suddenly wake up one morning and be able to decide what you want to do? How do you learn to love when your whole life you've tried not to love too much, since whoever you loved could always be taken away?